This was published a couple of years ago, but Slate posted it again… A timely read, especially as we prepare for our annual and perhaps my husband’s least favored household activity: putting up our blue (for Hanukkah) holiday lights.

The Santa Conspiracy.”

I’m not sure when I started to believe in Santa, exactly. But I sure liked it. And it’s silly, but I still kind of believe. I still like it, the thought of Santa.

“It’s always easier to want to believe in something than it is to say it never was true.”

I like Tobolowsky’s concluding thought on this sentiment, originally expressed by a six-year-old (!): It’s about hope. 

“…the ability to believe is always present, always available. Belief gives us a power to see beyond the obvious. In the face of loss or disappointment, it is the source of renewal and endurance, the foundation of the science of second chances.”



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