not what I expected

I started keeping this diary on December 19, 2011, because I believed I was going to be a corporate wife who was about to trail her spouse across the ocean with their two young school-age children. I expected the trailing to begin within weeks, and I expected to document our dramatic relocation from the United States to Europe. Like most of my (and most people’s?) expectations, they were set too high. We ended up moving in 2014 to another US state… and we may move again in a year or two. No idea where.

In July, 2012, I told a couple dozen people about the diary, and invited them to read it. A tiny audience, but with it in mind, I felt more accountable. As time has passed, I’ve seen recurring search terms that direct folks here: “problems of a corporate wife” or “the life of a corporate wife.” This makes me feel accountable, too. I do well with accountability. Very well. So, for all of you who landed here by invitation, accident, or choice:

The biggest problem with corporate wifery? Waiting. For somebody else. I hear “in the next three months” or “two to three years” a lot. I try not to complain. I may whine to family and dear friends, but for the most part, life is really quite nice overall. Beyond quite nice. Especially nice.

The life of a corporate wife? Luckiness. I am a well-educated, very employable woman who could go out and earn a living. But I dropped out of the workforce because I could, because I wanted to, and because, at this stage of our lives with two young children, it made the most sense. I was able to make an informed, privileged choice. Then in 2014, I landed a writing gig that allowed me to work from home. I’m working for the same group I did back in the late 90s, when (and where) I met my husband. Life is funny.

Waiting (for others) + luck (an obscene amount) = corporate wifery.

But knowing what’s worth waiting for, and knowing the difference between luck and one’s own intent? That’s a challenge in everybody’s life. I keep this diary to remind myself of these things as often as I can. Read some entries, and respond if you’d like. It can only get better.

6 thoughts on “not what I expected

  1. How blessed you are to be able to stay home with you little ones. I’m in the corporate world and our girls are under 5yrs old (we have 2). SO many times I’ve dreamed of what it would be like to have such flexibility. Anyway, God has given both of us the grace to do what it takes for now and we still count it an honor.

  2. Hi! As my soon-to-be husband climbs the corporate ladder as a financial controller, i have been researching the modern corporate wife. I, myself am currently doing a double degree in psychology and human resource management and working on part-time. Your blog is an interesting insight to what it means to have a traveling corporate husband, and i look forward to reading your blog as I go through my own journey into this lifestyle.

    1. Thanks for reading! Good luck in your studies and work–no simple thing to balance all that and a new marriage. That you’re researching the lifestyle–I love it, you’re a girl after my own heart. 🙂

  3. Thank you kindly, yes it is a delicate balancing act at sometimes, particularly with his growing commitments as he goes up the corporate ladder, and I’m taking on more and more domestic roles. I am interested in other’s experiences and perceptions given that I’m a psychology major.

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