On Judgment and Worry

The gun industry wants to sell your kid an AR-15.

It does. It really, really does.

Meanwhile, there have been some recent conversations whether moms are nice enough to each other or if they worry too much.

Guess what? Mothers are kind of built to be “not nice” and… Judge. Mothers worry. All. The. Time. (or at least A. Lot. Of. The. Time.)

I am guilty of both actions, as a mother. (I was guilty of both actions before I was a mother.) But this gun thing–this industry that tries to argue that semiautomatic firearms are not weapons, for example–it should drive any person to judge. And worry.

I just read Stephen King’s “kindle single,” Guns. All proceeds from sales (99 cents for the single) go to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. His bottom line: culpability does not equal responsibility. Sometimes it’s important to do something to help correct a situation, not because you’re to blame, but because you’re sensible.

The gun industry? It is not culpable, but it is in fact responsible, for gun deaths: you can’t have a gun death or other gun violence without a gun. It’s a risk inherent to the industry. So? Minimize the risk.

That’s my judgment.

And parents? There are an infinite number of ways to be irresponsible… or to be complacent. I could list so many of them in the next five minutes, based on actual, first-hand accounts. So many.

That’s my worry.

What do you think?

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