lying down, digging in, shaking up

I don’t know whether we’ll move to a new city this summer or not. Not a clue. So I’ve decided to shift energies. Rather than coast, observing this limbo we’re in with repeated and failed attempts at grace, I am going to dig in, deep, and the plan the freak out of this summer.

We’ll visit my parents; we’ll visit my husband’s mother and brother and his family. We’ll celebrate a 50th anniversary; we’ll attend a wedding. Our children will register for five, yes FIVE summer camps. We will take piano lessons and golf lessons; the kids will continue their gymnastics classes.  I may even continue to volunteer (a great deal more, even) with the PTA. 

I have this theory, you see, that if I dig my heels in, and plant ourselves here, deeply, fully, and with gusto… if I refuse to take all this uncertainty lying down, limbo will give in to clarity. To motion.

It’s worth a try, anyway.

We want to move, you see. We are settled and happy and content, and we are very, very, very restless.