If it’s not so great for kids…

I read this, and now have a better understanding of why blending up and consuming 16 fruit and vegetable shakes over the past weekend did not make me feel “better.” (My husband and I skipped the final dinner shake and had a healthy vegetarian dinner, which I cooked.  With heat. And seasonings. That made us both feel better.)

Pure Organic, BuddyFruit: The case against blended fruit snacks. – Slate Magazine.

…the process of blending fruit destroys its latticework of insoluble fiber, whose job it is to slow food’s digestion and absorption from the intestine into the blood…

This can give you a sugar spike. Which means you’ll crash from the spike, and feel hungrier, sooner.

I think this is why I had mild headaches during the weekend, in spite of “cheating” with a morning cup of coffee. And why I felt so hungry, constantly, to the point of distraction.

I enjoyed the taste of those vegetable/fruit smoothies–I drank them relatively quickly. I was spiking my blood sugar levels all over the place.


If you’re on this detox cleanse — drink those shakes slooooooowly.