hey, sometimes I’m kind of bored…

On Liz Cheney’s decision to run for the U.S. Senate in Wyoming:

“it’ll be portrayed as… a housewife who’s kind of bored who moved back to Wyoming after a long time to run for the Senate.”

GOP Strategist Rollins Calls Liz Cheney ‘A Housewife Who’s Kind Of Bored’ | TPM LiveWire.


Juan Williams, back in 2012, said Ann Romney was a “corporate wife” whose “husband takes care of her.” He later said that his intent was to say something to the effect that she’s pretty wealthy, and it rang hollow for her to try to empathize with those who have little to no money. Kind of like um… Mitt Romney.

And the voters of Wyoming will see, per Ed Rollins, Liz Cheney as a bored housewife, (innocuous?) rather than the ubiquitous media presence who consistently spews reactionary, wrong-headed platitudes that are supposed to sound substantive because of the weight of her last name.

Maybe soon Ed Rollins will say that his intent was to say, “she’s pretty far to the right, making her father look moderate and the Wyoming senate incumbent look liberal. Not so sure this is a good strategy.” Kind of like um… the strategy that Mitt Romney tried. Political extremism tends to boost a person in the short-term and hurt them in the long-term.

But I guess it’s a lot easier to talk about a woman’s marital status.

Better that than what they actually represent, married or not.