Happy Mother’s Day

I spent last evening with dear friends, catching up and laughing.

This morning, I woke up to our son, running to me with a hug, or 20, and our daughter, presenting a card she made. It announced:

“I love you 100%. I love the way you cook and write.”

She had drawn a picture of Darth Vader on it. (The kids watched “Star Wars” last night.) She’d also drawn a picture of a monarch butterfly, flying away after it had been tended to. (Our kids rescued an injured monarch a few days ago, put it in a safe place… later it was gone. Clearly they had healed it.)

I asked our daughter what made her say “I love the way you cook and write.” Well, she really likes pesto. And my handwriting, apparently, is neat and pretty. But our son added:

“And that’s what you do, Mommy. You write.”

And I wanted to give them a hug, or 50, again.