A political Political Wife

credit: Reuters

I’m not at all sure what I would do if I were in Huma Abedin’s situation. The idea that she is continuing to ask for funds to support her husband’s mayoral candidacy, while working for a woman who could very well run for and win the US Presidency, after standing next to her husband as he offered a… churlish… statement about his recently revealed transgressions and how they are personal, unrelated to his ability to run for office….

It boggles the mind.

I don’t exactly see her as a victim. I don’t see her as a hero. I see her as… political. Not much more, not much less. She’s making a series of calculations. Publicly.

And her boss? She made a series of calculations a long time ago. They worked for her. But her husband was, well, infinitely more politically skilled than Ms. Abedin’s husband.

I don’t think Abedin’s math is very good right now.