I met her once, in 1998.

Betty Friedan, that is. (Just read ‘The Feminine Mystique’ at 50.)  She was a friend of my boss.

I met Gloria Steinem, too, a couple years before that. A different boss knew her. (She is more stunning, in person, than you can imagine, by the way.)

My bosses, all of them except for one, were Feminists with a capital F.

And here I am, after all that influence, all that exposure: a corporate wife, driving my 8-year-old Subaru around with my two kids in the back seat, off to the grocery store, home in time to make a nice dinner for them and my husband, who usually gets home too late to eat with the kids. (They usually have dessert with us while we eat dinner.)

I am not, unlike Friedan, bored out of my mind. It is easy not to be bored.

And I do have an economic point, managing this house as I do, to within an inch of its life. That kind of efficiency saves money, time, and energy. And it increases the productivity of the dollar-earner in our home (that husband of mine).

I remain free to “move on to something more.” In fact I can actually do something more at the same time.

I wonder what our daughter, and our son, will think of Betty Friedan at 75, or of me, in 2038.

I hope they don’t think I “sacrificed” or “gave up” anything. I hope they know I chose this, because I could, and that choice is all that matters.

Making sure you have a choice.

choose your battles

I love choice, but man, this is an unfortunate one.

Women’s Groups Upset Dem Convention Banning Kids From Floor « CBS Charlotte.

Consider the liability issues of having a convention hall full of children under age 6, the insurance required to provide on-site child care for those children–is it that these women’s groups do not want the DNC to be able to be held at all? The Dems aren’t made of money (meaning, they’re not funded by the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson)!

I am stunned.

UPDATE: I must add: if the the Dem Convention is “discriminating” against women by not making it easy for mothers of young children to vote as delegates, why not suggest proxy votes for them, or offer some sort of credit toward private child care? Why throw around the word “discrimination?” Sorry. Still so very stunned. Perhaps somebody out there can help me understand this.