Am I still a corporate wife?

I’m not so sure anymore. Things feel different, working from home in two different homes (so far). I feel less “wife-y” and more “me-y.” That’s a good thing. Haven’t posted in forever because I’m… occupied. That’s a good thing, too.

Our daughter said over the weekend: “I don’t want to move.” We haven’t discussed moving but she does know that we could move again in 5 or so years. She has put her foot down.

I don’t want to move either, and told her so. But I also said, “I worry about what will happen too much. I forget to enjoy what is.”

Then she said she was going to write a song about being positive and looking at a glass as half full.

Who is this girl?

Being a corporate wife was/is good. Yeah. It is. I remain one.

One thought on “Am I still a corporate wife?

  1. You might be a corporate wife in transition. Kids getting older. Working more. Moving not as alluring as it used to be.

    I’m still very much a corporate husband. Not working. Three kids under four and one on the way in November. And we just moved, though it wasn’t very far away.

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