flipping out

I have a new appreciation for that show. We’re adding a bathroom in our basement. In an effort to save thousands of dollars, I’m serving as the general contractor. It’s… exhausting and gratifying. And I’m learning a great deal: There’s something about walking into a hardware store and grabbing a 2″ 60 degree PVC pipe–with authority–that makes a person feel extraordinarily competent.

I spent a good chunk of my day buying electrical supplies for this new bathroom. (I did this after telling the electrician yesterday, “I really only want your labor so that I don’t burn the house down.” He said, “Well, you’re taking away all my profit…” To which I replied, “I’ll make grilled cheese. My plumber Steve loves my grilled cheese. Tell him, Steve,” and Steve did. Electrician Tim gave me a thorough list of what to buy.)

Then I bought a refrigerator. Not for the bathroom, but because ours is dying. I learned this after stepping in a puddle on our kitchen floor for the third time since we moved here.

In between, I made breakfast and lunches for my family, got the kids on the bus, worked, researched materials for the update of another bathroom, worked, conferred with Steve the plumber on any number of random decisions, got the kids off the bus, helped with homework, started dinner, and then, for the first time in the history of me as a mom: I burned dinner. (Just a tip: don’t read about the Export-Import Bank and think “this will only take a minute.” It won’t. It will take exactly the amount of time necessary to burn dinner.) We have good kids, calmly telling me: “Mom, there’s smoke in the kitchen.”

It’s been a long day. My kitchen still smells all burned.

But my work is done. Our refrigerator shows up Saturday. Our kids loved karate with their dad today (that’s what they did while I shopped for a refrigerator). And I love the kids’ school–so much I nearly cried. (Got to know the school after two curriculum nights for second  and fourth grades this week.) More important, the kids love their school.

My husband is tired but enjoys his work. My neighbors trust me with their children, seem to enjoy my company… Their kids are good and cute and inspired me to kick a soccer ball–today of all days.

Tomorrow? I get to have breakfast with my friend. A new friend with whom I love to hang. We’re going out to breakfast. (To have somebody serve me breakfast–it’s just the most decadent thing. It’s my favorite meal.)

Things are good, but busy. I’m not writing here as much as I’d like. I’ll get back in the groove. I just need the new bathroom to pass all its inspections… stay tuned.

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