everything at once

My husband returned from a cold, northern state last night. He remained there for the work week after the kids and I returned this past Sunday. We were there, as you may recall, to look for a new community and home.

We’re pretty close to the next step, folks, and it feels pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, good. (Do any of you watch “Curb Your Enthusiasm?”)

I’m writing down room measurements. I’m looking at furniture. I’m reviewing school enrollment forms and checking out cable and internet service. I bought a new vacuum. I’m thinking about cooler-weather clothing for the kids and me. (We’re moving to the land of hardly-any-tank-tops.) I have to get a new key made for our listing agent here. I need to review what is stored under our bed. I need to clean off the hard drive of our desktop computer and back it up to the external drive. I need to incorporate my editor’s comments to my latest post for the new gig I have. I need to help our daughter build a leprechaun trap. And see my friend. And my other friends. And this other friend.

And make lunch.

I’m feeling a bit… I don’t the word for it. I just visualize this.


That’s me, casting a wide net, trying to catch… everything. There has to be a better way. Or maybe not. I don’t know. But it’s still all pretty, pretty, pretty good.

What do you think?

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