The other shoe.

I’m still waiting for it to drop, see, but for now, things are good and crazy, so I’m just going to do what I need to do.

Things are moving along with my husband’s next assignment. Over the next weeks I’ll be chaperoning field trips and making samosas for parties and making sure I have dinner with friends about to have or who have just had surgery and supervising homework and trying to make a healthy dinner and getting things notarized. I also start a regular writing job. First publication date: Monday.

I’ve definitely got some stuff to do.

I do a lot most days. Last week a friend, this fabulous woman responsible for the blog World’s Worst Moms, invited folks to share what they do all day. So I did, and she spread the word. 

My friend notes “I’ve never asked her, but I’m wondering if she’s actually on crack. Or some special sauce that we all need to get our hands on.”

(That’s the second time in the past few days that somebody’s wondered if I was on crack. The answer is a resounding “no” of course.)

I think my current level of energy expenditure is just a necessity. That shoe could drop at anytime. If I’m moving, there’s less chance it’ll hit me on the head. And make me cry.


6 thoughts on “The other shoe.

      1. everything is relative, and being a corporate spouse is not a competitive sport. 🙂 (if it were, I’m at a distinctly unfair advantage, having only two children who are already in grade school!)

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