rolling with it.

Well, apparently we could know soon whether our move could be sooner rather than later. Learned this tonight. But that’s all I learned. No detail beyond that. (Four months, which is less than eight months? No clue.)

My husband did have dinner with the guy whose job he’s slated to have (in the near and undetermined future). That guy? He too has been offered positions, then told, “oh, wait.” He’s now basically waiting for my husband’s current assignment to be over so that he can move on with his (and his family’s) life.

The patience required… of not just my husband. It stuns me at times. But it’s a particular set of circumstances. It’s not intentional. It’s not unjust. It’s life.

And we roll. We roll right over this stuff. We’re getting pretty good at it.

But I’m really, truly, sincerely going to miss some people. I can’t roll over that.

I wish I weren’t so good at making great friends.

What do you think?

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