Please stop “covering.”

At the moment, there are more men than women in positions of corporate leadership. Men? Speak up, already.

“…a broad range of people, including straight white men, avoid talking about family with colleagues, and that “covering” makes those employees disinclined to stand up for others whose family needs come up at work, less likely to vocally support family-friendly policies, and can even lead them to avoid those who are more open about their family needs.”

via Both Men and Women Should ‘Uncover’ Family Responsibilities at Work –

10 thoughts on “Please stop “covering.”

  1. This is a difficult issue. One could just as easily ask women to talk less about these matters if the goal is gender equality.

    1. If women talked less about these matters in the workplace, the end result would not be gender equality. The end result would be the status quo. Change comes when everybody–men and women, but especially men, who seem to have been quieter on the topic compared to women–speaks up.

  2. Well, that’s a good point. I think it’s hard getting men at work to change. I do talk quite a bit, but I’m probably an exception. Plus I don’t work outside the home.

      1. Thanks. But I have some insight into how guys think and act. (Being a reformed male chauvinist, LOL.) What you’re proposing makes sense but will probably not happen.

      2. It;s funny because I get the sense that my wife is a coverer at work. Hmmm. Something to think about.

      3. It’s likely because I take care of everything here and our childcare needs don’t impinge on what she’s doing at work.

      4. indeed. her needs are met. probably why my spouse doesn’t talk about family needs either. hmm. maybe both of us need to do poorer jobs at home. Ha! 🙂

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