Third Friday

Our kids had a lot of fun tonight. Watched our first-grade son wrestle on the grass with his best bud from kindergarten. Watched our third grade daughter click almost instantaneously with fourth grade sisters. We live in such a nice, sleepy little town, with its monthly block party/street fair.

“Can we come again?” our girl asked, as we walked to the car.

“Sure, they do this every month.”

“Will I see my new friends again here?” she pressed.

“You most certainly will.”

“I love making new friends… But it’s sad, because we’ll move.”

Dammit, I thought. This poor girl thinks just like me.

“Well, we’re not moving tomorrow. You have a ton of time for fun.”

“And we have FaceTime!” she concluded (it’s what we use to see our cousins in Wisconsin).

We’re not moving tomorrow. We still have real face time, plenty of time for fun.

What do you think?

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