I’m an Indian American. I’m brown. I’m proud of my family, and of what they accomplished in order to move to the United States: the sacrifices they made, the opportunities they seized. And I whole-heartedly agree with Beejoli Shah, who wrote, Why Im Not Proud an Indian-American Is Miss America. I don’t like Indian Americans to be placed on pedestals. Pedestals can fall over. Pedestals are uncomfortable. Pedestals are isolating. And pedestals seem best suited for things, not people.

But look at this pretty pie chart I made.

Image 1

Indians in the United States? They’re in that tiny purple sliver in the blue pie, which comes from that small orange sliver of the red pie. It’s easy to see why Indian Americans end up on pedestals in the United States.

Their accomplishments tend to beat some serious odds.

For now. Only for now. I mean, just look at the red pie’s big blue sliver.

What do you think?

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