Yeah, I’m one of ’em.

A Friday chuckle: 15 Unmistakable, Outrageously Secret Signs You’re an Extrovert.

Please note: I married an introvert. I love introverts. Many, if not most, of my friends are in fact introverts.

Opposites attract, as I am an off-the-MBTI-charts extrovert. I’ve known this as a scientific fact since 1994. Sometimes–less frequently as I age oh-so-gracefully–I feel like I’m pushy, or that I overstep, or that I’m prone to take over. But mostly, I feel pretty good.

The list of 15 signs? I resonate with each one, except #10. I’ve never seen the show “Made.”

My favorites on the list?

4. People like you.

5. You get it done.

6. You communicate emotions, fears, and desires to relevant parties in a clear way.

Of course, those characteristics are not unique to extroverts. At all. But it feels good to feel good about yourself. Whoever you are. Always.

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