On Relating to All of Ourselves

“I’m fascinated with that relation, which we all have, with our previous selves. We all have that, that’s all we have, our whole life—who you were as a kid, who you were at 20—the great thing about getting older is you can reference yourself. But I’m equally sure that if we really could meet ourselves, we’d be surprised. Because we’ve re-characterized ourselves so many times to fit our current needs: ‘Oh, I was an idiot then, but now I’m smart.’ Not giving yourself enough credit, or giving yourself too much. It’s a fascinating relationship.”

via Links Through Their Lives « The Dish.

Just think of the credit we withhold from ourselves, or indulge in, as we grow and change over time. Maybe the key to a successful, long-term relationship with another is making sure that you give the other the right amount of credit… that you are fairer to another than you are to yourself, and s/he is to you.

2 thoughts on “On Relating to All of Ourselves

  1. I question whether or not I’m getting any smarter. I think I just keep getting put in the same situations that present themselves in different ways. And I still screw them up…

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