on feminism and friendliness

I’m trying to figure out what this means:

It is really f***ing toxic to the feminist movement to suggest that we need to be more open and welcoming to men. That’s like saying that the civil rights movement should have been more open and inclusive towards white people. And this isn’t to say that men can’t be involved in feminism, in the same way that white people are still able to fight against racism – it’s just that movements working to forward the rights and freedoms of the oppressed should never, ever try to make themselves more friendly to those who have been historically oppressive.

That’s just common sense.

The author, bellejarblog, writing for The Outlier Collective, is responding to a video starring Christina Hoff Summers, a self-described “equity feminist,” who, in the video, seems to respond to the alleged “War on Men” with a call for more friendliness to men and to women of less to-the-far-left political persuasion.

I’m curious about bellejarblog’s definition of “friendly.” And I’m very, very curious about bellejarblog’s definition of “never, ever.” Also, “common sense.”

Maybe bellejarblog is saying that one should not fraternize with the enemy? Fair enough. But who is the enemy? I don’t think Hoff Summers indicates that one should be friendly to those who abuse you.

And are enemies “forever?” Do enemies change their minds, and become your allies?

I’m pretty sure it’s possible. In fact, I believe it’s important to know its possible. To know that if you are consistent and fair in your intent, if you demonstrate your view, your needs, and perspective with compassion, empathy, as well as impatience and a earnest sense of urgency (along with your peers, who may need to number in the millions in some cases), it is in fact the case that your enemy, your oppressor, will come around.





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