I spent two hours preparing a dozen breakfast and lunch detox shakes for my husband and me. We are our mirrors. I hope, after three days of these “meals” (making the dinner shakes tomorrow) to look a bit like the ladies JT dances with, sort of, in this fine video. (I’m kidding. I want only to look like the beautiful silver-haired widow, after another 50 or so years with my detox partner.) Check out JT. It’s worth the 8 minutes. Well, it was worth 8 of my minutes.

2 thoughts on “Mirror

    1. We followed Dr. Oz’ three-day detox. We feel fine… not sure we needed the cleanse so much as we needed to enjoy a weekend of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and no processed food or refined sugar (no bread, no alcohol, either). We could have done that without using a blender. But, it was interesting to try!

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