cleaning house

Well, cleaning my internal house. When I’m irritated, restless, pent up, I can sit down to an evening of salt and vinegar potato chips and watch HGTV till 1:00 a.m. Not good. I wake up all mad at myself and my wedding rings are all tight on my swollen fingers.

That happened two nights ago.

Talked with my sister about all that makes me irritated and pent up… that helped. She told me she had just done Dr. Oz’s three-day detox juice cleanse; that she and her husband felt pretty good those three days, not hungry… (their first chewable meal after that was at Five Guys Burgers, but whatever). I guess my dad wants to try it, too. She sent me the link. I printed out the guide. Am heading to the store soon to buy all the ingredients and get to blending (and freezing in advance). My husband and I are going to try it out, starting tomorrow. 

Never thought I’d be a cleanser. I’m skeptical. I don’t like the idea of denying solid food. There’s plenty of wholesome, healthy solid foods out there. Why blend everything? Then again, maybe it’s best not to ask too many questions. My husband’s not asking much–his only question was, “We’re starting tomorrow, right? Cool.” 

It all seems rather dramatic. But maybe that’s what I need right now. Sometimes, life can make you feel stale. 

I went for a run this morning, blasted music for the kids on the way to school, did a little post-run yoga routine. Who am I? 

I am somebody who does not want to be stale. I want to be fresh.

I’ll get frozen berries and vegetables, though.

What do you think?

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