I know I won’t win…

Every once in a while, my husband asks that I buy the family a lottery ticket. The request usually coincides with a high level of stress at work. I think the Powerball is estimated to be worth $500 million. It’ll be great fun tomorrow night, to lose.

But until then, it’s fun to imagine. What would or could we do with the winnings? After taxes what would have? About $250 million?

After assuring that members of our family are taken care of…. Say $2 million for each of our brothers’s and sister’s families, and the same for his mom and my parents… That’s $12 million. Then perhaps we could set aside in trusts about $5 million for each our children. That’s $22 million. We could then set $3 million aside for own retirement. That’s $25 million.

Then maybe we could split the remaining $225 million. Half could be invested in various companies, or we could start one of our own…. The other half could endow a foundation, run by me, with my husband, brother and sister, and we would change the world.

It’s so fun to imagine. So fun it hurts a little.

What do you think?

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