Equivalency in Adultery

I read this article, and I agree with much. (A Scarlet Letter—the Monica Lewinsky-ing of Paula Broadwell – The Daily Beast.)

Women are portrayed differently when scandals like this are exposed. But what of this:

Women have long been unfairly assigned the role of gatekeepers of sexuality morality, a designation that makes them easy to blame when men fall short, said Occidental College professor of politics Caroline Heldman. “The onus should be on Petraeus,” she said. “He has a lot more to lose and he’s a lot more to blame in that breach.”

Why is it necessary to figure out who is more to blame? Aren’t they both equally to blame? They are both married, both with children, both accomplished people, both well aware of the risks of their activity.

One party can have more power, more years on Earth. But both parties are equal failures as spouses. Both are phenomenally, equally, stupid.

What do you think?

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