I don’t think it’s sexist. There. I said it.

And it probably is, but because it hits so close to home, maybe I just can’t see it.

It’s this ad, from a British supermarket chain. Read the article, view the ad. What do you think?

From the looks of the ad, the “mum” in question is one that is “at home.” Like me. She seems to be managing all the details, and all the tasks (perhaps even creating some of them out of her own sense of what is desired by her family) and then completing them to her satisfaction. Like me. She seems to be in charge, happily, of her home. Like me.

Her family seems to appreciate her… though I do wish they would have found a proper chair for her at the family meal.

It felt so familiar, except for one thing. Watch that ad. At the end, imagine if “mum” had accepted her husband’s offer of tea by shouting “Damn right!”

Then she’d really be like me.

What do you think?

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