It’s a game. They don’t care if they lose.

It’s the only explanation. The outright lies. The barely veiled racism. The absolute misogyny. The refusal to be specific or remotely intellectually honest, or even logically consistent. They don’t mind losing. They have their eyes on 2016, and there’s more money to be made by controlling Congress and the Senate… And what on earth would right wing networks and radio talk about if their guy were actually in charge?

I get it now. Romney is indeed the turnaround guy. He’s here to turn the Senate and gain more House seats. He’s the master of the leveraged buyout. He just has to put in a little of his pride, and walk away with barely any skin off his back. It absolutely does not matter to him what happens to the United States. He’ll be fine no matter what. He does not want to be President. It’s why my husband can’t get a read on him. Romney doesn’t need anybody.

But I’ll still vote. You US citizens out there? Vote. In every race. On every referendum. Read, learn, be a citizen. Help others register, vote early, and get to the polls. Do it.

It may be a game, but it’s our game, and we have to play with the equipment we’re given.

2 thoughts on “It’s a game. They don’t care if they lose.

    1. It can seem that way. I still have hope for, and confidence in, our process. Probably because if I didn’t, it would feel too much like giving up. I don’t like to give up; it hurts me.

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