the banana republic of gilead

Last night my husband and I watched John King’s map game, describing the importance of the suburban women’s vote in this year’s election. He later watched me sputter and stutter at coverage of Missouri Congressman Akin’s decision to stay in the Senate race.

My husband asked me, after a few of my outbursts, “Is reproductive choice your main issue when you vote? Is your decision weighted 90% on whether a candidate is pro-life or pro-choice?”

I’ve had the luxury of not worrying about it lately, largely because I felt that a woman’s right to control her reproductive organs was relatively safe. But with the disgrace at the Susan G. Komen foundation, Sandra Fluke’s figurative public stoning, and the fascination with ultrasounds, I started to worry. And now, with the current draft Republican platform, which suggests banning reproductive choice even in cases of rape?

Well, let’s see. If members of a political party believe that a woman should be forced to remain pregnant and give birth, even if a man raped a woman, those folks believe that the life of an embryo is more valuable than the autonomy (as well as the safety, mental health, and quality of life) of a woman who has been raped.

This is America, and we are all entitled to our beliefs. I will suggest, however, that a political party that espouses such a belief should proudly rename itself “Sons of Jacob.”

I’m a suburban woman. I have beliefs, and I vote.

I am not alone.

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