Shocked. I’m shocked.


If I lay down with my head to one side, under a warm comfortable blanket, each and every time I was shocked (or at least astounded), I wouldn’t stand much. Consider the news I digested just last night, over the course of an hour:

  • A certain opportunistic and cowardly US Congresswoman from Minnesota, in an effort to catalyze her fundraising base, took a page out of Senator McCarthy‘s playbook and made false charges against a State Department official (wrong on its face, and wrong for the United States, as there were near immediate repercussions abroad).
  • A certain US Senator took to the Senate floor to condemn the false charges and defend said official. The Senator seemed familiar again (I didn’t recognize him for much of 2008).
  • In a related story, a pathetic, strange, and incredibly fortunate former US Congressman is in People with his wife (the State Department official) and their son. Rumor has it that he may run for mayor of New York City.

But am I really shocked?

Maybe I’m just tired. I need to stop trying to make sense of nonsense.

What do you think?

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