I wished for grace

Tonight two of my dearest friends took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. I blew out a candle and made a wish. They wouldn’t let me say it out loud (superstition), but I think stating it in an anonymous blog is okay.

My two friends let me spend the better part of the evening talking through an incident in which a person inadvertently hurt, but hurt nonetheless, my feelings. Their loyalty and their encouragement felt like a toasty, cozy blanket on a cold, drizzly afternoon. Their advice and their laughter: a glass of ice cold lemonade on a stifling hot day.

They are friends who understand me. I met them four years ago, when we volunteered for a political campaign. I chose them. They chose me back.

It is so very difficult to find people on the same wavelength as you, who will laugh at your jokes and express anger on your behalf, who “get” you without you having to talk much.

When I think about relocating in a few months (I think six now?), I think about how much harder it will be to connect with them.

So this evening, I wished for grace. I want to remain connected to these two dear friends with ease, fluidity, and flexibility.

I want to make it easy for them to keep choosing me back.

2 thoughts on “I wished for grace

  1. One of the real gifts of being an alcoholic is AA meetings. I am guaranteed to have a deep, personal, spiritual connection with every person in the room in an AA meeting. Though there are parts of them that I cannot relate to, or them to me, on a deep, core level we have had the same feelings and experiences. And to be able to share those whenever I want and to listen to others share theirs is to be fully human.

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