Mantoux, Shmantoux

Today, to start our holidays with a bang, we got the kids their Mantoux tests! Nothing says “The Miracle of Chanukah” like a little bit of tuberculin injected under the skin.

It’s not really a big deal, but it was for the children. They started out so brave, bringing their teddy bears and discussing the “skin test” and how it wouldn’t hurt as much as a regular shot. Our younger child even volunteered to go first. Big mistake. He saw the needle and began to sob, thrash, and then scream. The nurse had to call in another nurse who put a vise-like grip on his arm while the first nurse administered the test. Because of his thrashing (he’s a strong kid), the first needle prick went too deep. So she had to stick him again. Fantastic.

Our older child watched the whole scene, and cried silent tears. Then she sat on my lap, as her younger brother did, and sobbed, screamed, and tried to thrash (she’s not quite as strong as her brother). The nurse couldn’t do the best job administering her test either.

I’ve been told and have read that the TB tests should still be valid in spite of the tumultuous process. Hope so.

What do you think?

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