Handling It

If one could be graded on handling details of life, I think I might get an A.

We learned six and a half weeks ago that we’d be moving, but nothing is “official” yet, in that paperwork is not in place and relocation services provided by the company are not yet engaged. This has not stopped me from investigating everything I can investigate about our future base of operations.

I learned in the first 24 hours how many kilometers lie between my husband’s future office and various suburbs, and how many square meters our new home will need to match what we live in now. I also filled out all the paperwork and had photos taken for the children’s new passport applications.

In the past two weeks I researched four international schools, completed applications for each, and ultimately sent in the applications to the one (!) school which has space for the children this spring. Many, many, forms and phone calls, but we got an email this week informing us that the children have been accepted in said school for April.

And tomorrow, I take the children to get their Mantoux tests for tuberculosis (required by their new school). We’ll get results in two days, at which point I’ll send the results (and copies of their brand new expedited passports!) to the school.

I feel so competent. It is a tremendous high.

What do you think?

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